Friday, February 19, 2010


Sun is predicted for tomorrow, Sat., slipping in between two storms. I plan to kayak in the afternoon. Tomorrow's goal is to get some miles in and mark off some distances for future training. Probably won't focus on any picture-taking. I also plan to work on my forward stroke. After reviewing Barton and Chalupsky's DVD, I don't think my stroke is too bad, but I'm going to do some practice anyway, trying to keep their key points in mind.

I continue to research kayaks. I've decided to stick with a sea kayak, composite, about 17ft. I'm seriously looking at the Seda Ikumma. This kayak is being used by Jake Stachovac who's paddling the Portage to Portage Paddling Project. Check out his blog at: I'm starting to also think about fueling and hydrating for the race. I've ordered some samples from Hammer Nutrition and will try their various products during training. I'm trying both their bars and gels, and later a food supplement for endurance racing called Perpetuam. I'm going to purchase MSR dromedary for keeping both water and a supplement drink and/or fuel on the boat during the race. I need to find out if I'll want real food and what my stomach will tolerate for the long haul.

Well, I'll keep inviting you to comment and share your thoughts and opinions about kayaks, training, foods for endurance races, and outfitting a kayak.


  1. You will have to experiment, not just with brands but flavors, some will be difficult to drink after a few hours. Everyone has preferences.

    I drink water in my camelbak bladder, but drink accelerade in a Nalgene throughout the day. A sports drink with protien and lots of calories. Much of my calories is liquid. But I can only tolerate the fruit punch flavor.

    This year in Fl I may use electrolyte tablets if real hot, but have never done this before. May take a few next weekend just to make sure my stomach tolerates.

    I'm still thinking my nutrition plan, always trying to fine tune it every year.

    I'm sure your following the WaterTribe forum, so much info there.


  2. Ah, paddling....I seem to remember that...if winter ever leaves Florida, maybe I will get back out! Thanks for the comment on my (not-)paddling blog. I responded to it there but thought I would drop in here as well. My little camper shows up often in my camping blog at ! (Camping has temporarily taken the place of paddling...)

  3. After a dozen years of waffling, I am also thinking of trying kayak racing this year. If you can find a copy of Rocky Snyder's "Fit To Paddle" (now out of print), there are good suggestions for exercises and paddling routines to try. I also think it's possible to adapt training regimens for running to kayaking, as both are primarily endurance events. I'm looking forward to the challenge, and have enlisted others from my paddling group to join in so that I'll be less inclined to start waffling again. After all, I'm not getting any younger so it's not going to get any easier. Besides, this will give me more material for the Malden Yacht Club Blog.

    Good luck with your racing program.