Friday, January 8, 2010

How Many Kayaks Do You Own?

Well, in searching and reading the many kayak blogs I have discovered, I've also encountered many different types of kayaks and additional kayak activities. By this I mean kayak marathons (which I'm still not sure what that means), surf skiing, and long distance events like the Missouri 340 or Yukon 1000. So maybe someone can comment on my entry tonight, and give me a detailed description of what this all means. Regardless, I am now intrigued with this idea of taking a longer paddle in an organized manner which I know is not the "sea kayaking" I am familiar with. Also, how does one decide what kind of kayak to buy for these kinds of events? There are surf skis and racing kayaks. What are the primary uses of each or the pros and cons of either. How does one find out about events in their area? And, how do people get their boats to all these places? They certainly can't be driving all over the country. Or do they?


  1. Deep, deep, deep in the archives of my blog lurks a post in which I (ha ha) attempted to describe as many of the different kinds of kayaks as I could. I can't claim that the result was in any way a definitive guide, but I did have some fun with it.

    Personally I own 2 kayaks - the yellow Romany that's my usual boat, and then a terribly beaten-up old fourth-hand surfski that I don't paddle anywhere from which I can't swim back because I fully expect it to simply disintegrate out from under me someday.

    If I were to get a 3rd boat, I'd be terribly torn between getting a true skin on frame Greenland kayak (ideally building it myself under the guidance of someone who actually knows how), or another decked hardshell that would be more suitable for racing than the Romany (which is a great boat in many, many ways, but definitely more on the slow-but-steady end of the speed spectrum).

    I used to have one that fell in that fast sea kayak category, a Seda Glider, but I ran into storage issues. One of the 3 had to go - the Glider actually wasn't a great boat for me, it was designed for a bigger paddler, so that was the one I let go.

  2. Oh, I meant to give you a link to the "So Many Kayaks" post -