Sunday, January 24, 2010


The tides are good for next weekend to get around the wildlife island. So the plan is to launch mid-morning next Sat. in Redwood City again. I was driving to visit my daughter at college yesterday and passed Lexington Reservoir. Wow, it was really full. Then I remembered I could also paddle here on the weekends. I didn't have to rely on specific tides in the bay. There's also Lake Chabot. So, now there's a couple new places I can try out.

I've been paddling vicariously by reading lots of kayak blogs, books, and accounts of some marathon races like the Mississippi 340 and Colorado 100. I've found some good information about training for one of these races, but I need to know soooo much more. I think I'm going to shoot for the Colorado 100 this Sept. Kayaking through the winter will give me a good base (I'll have to get out more often though). I'll also need a different kayak. Not anything too specialized, but now I only own a SOT (12 ft.). I've paddled sea kayaks for 10 years, but never owned one. After I spent a few days this last summer on a SOT, it seemed like enough of a boat for me in the summer in the bay, sloughs, and lakes of California. But I didn't realize how much I was going to LOVE TO PADDLE once I had my own boat! Now, I just want to paddle more. Paddle further. Paddle faster! So on these wet, cold, winter days, I'm dreaming of my first long distance race (really the goal is to finish), and creating my mind-set to actually do the work to be prepared to do the race.

If anyone has recommendations for kayaks and training, I'm all ears.


  1. Hi! Some illegal character has left a message for you over in Frogma's comments - has an interesting link but apparently your blog is too law-abiding to let him post it here.

  2. So how was your day? Our goal of cutting through the middle of Ruffle Bar without getting out of our boats didn't happen - firstly because the high wasn't as high today (instead, we hear that at 1 am last night, an awful lot of NY Harbor was left high & dry!) and secondly because was fifteen degrees or something ridiculous like that and the water in the marsh was not in a state that gives way to boats!

    But I did get some nice pictures & for a few short hours had my very own icicle collection.