Monday, January 4, 2010

What You Do When It's Dark Already!

Get home at 5 PM. Run the dog, well, really she runs to catch the numerous throws of the frisby she demands. Go grocery shopping. Cook I'll write about kayaking since I can't actually do it today! Also I'm getting more familiar with my GPS and the things I can interface with the computer. So I overlaid my route from Sat.'s paddle onto Google earth to show you what I did (and what it looked like). It's probably more exciting for me than you. But a beginning. So here it is:

The route is that "snakey thing." I'd like to change that to more of a line but I haven't figured that out yet. So, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I'm up for input.

Well, based on the tide chart, doesn't look I'll be getting out for another 1-1/2 weeks. Have to depart from the marina about an hour before high tide so the the slough I missed last weekend is deep enough. And getting around Blair Island is my next trip.

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